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Summer Reading
Be a Reading Superhero! 

Please vote for Ms. Binns in the RRISD Principal Summer Reading Contest on Facebook.  Our school could win the Round Rock Express prize package!

Students, join Ms. Binns in being a reading superhero by reading every day this summer!  Our library could win $1000, and you will have fun, too!  Check out our school reading page and the district reading page for more information.  If you need another reading log, you can print it here.  And don't forget to add your MyON Reading time to your reading log.  You can either record it as you go, or staple a printout of your MyON minutes to your log.  Up, up and away! 

Grades 3-5:  Keep Reading Skills Sharp This Summer with iStation

Parents of students in grades 3-5 can learn how to use iStation at home by watching the iStation home webinar

2014-15 School Supply Lists

The school supply list for this year is here


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